How it started

The idea of Cooperative Society Ltd Abuja was borne out of a desire to see that Federal Inland Revenue Service Staff achieve their full potential while in Service. Three men decided to form co-operative that would enable members meet their financial needs within the minimum possible time, in conjunction with a group of people who shares in this same dream, and make each members succeed in a truly challenging environment as a civil servant.  These three men are, Elegbe Robert Adeyinka, Tologbonshe Michael Olusegun and Comrade Babarinde Olatunji Sunday.

FIRS Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited, Abuja was tr created to meet the needs and share the dreams of staff; this cooperative was duly registered at the FCDA Registrar of Cooperatives in the Department of Cooperatives 2006, and Proud to Affiliated with the Abuja Cooperative Federation (ABCOF) 2009. The Co-op was borne out of a desire to bring in the best of co-operative practices as seen in other MDAs as a truly interactive engine with her members in business growth and wealth creation.

The Co-op officially took off among other

Cooperative Societies in FIRS and FCT on 19th May, 2006 with 174 members after


series of meeting between the Executive

Committee members of the Society, the Management of the FIRS and the interested members. While Business activities were

open to members of staff on 1st July 2007.



Our goal is to become the leading and truly interactive Multi Purpose Cooperative Society in FCT and beyond.